Tommi Rantanen


A 100-year milestone is no small achievement and should be welcomed with pride and celebration. In Finland's 100th year of independence, we celebrate with them from afar and wish them another century of success. However, in these times of divided people and nations, continued success cannot be taken for granted.

We need to ask ourselves what will make us successful also in the next hundred years. Even as we are not to abandon the Finnish values that have served us well in the past, we need to be willing to openly evaluate if we are still fulfilling our original promises and intentions? Most of all, we need to look past the opinions that divide us and connect with each other on what unites us.

For us FACC members, our shared Finnish-American connection and passion to learn, experience, and connect within the business environment unite us. This year and in the years ahead, FACC will need to focus on having the basics done right; providing meaningful content to our members. One of the ways to accomplish this will be to partner more with fellow chambers in the area. Even more, in addition to serving our existing member base in Midwest, we want to serve companies and people aspiring to locate here. Our hub, metropolitan Chicago, is increasingly a land of opportunity and we want to inspire others about these possibilities.

I'm honored to be given the opportunity to lead the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Midwest (FACC-Midwest) for this year of celebrations. I invite everyone to reach out to me throught the contact sheet and share their vision for the future of FACC. I also encourage everyone to participate in our events throughout the year so we can continue to strengthen our Finnish-American community.

Tommi Rantanen
President, Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Midwest